About us

The first Budapest Coffee Festival will be on the 6th-7th of May in 2017. The organisers aim, who are the members of the SCA Hungary, nothing more than to show to the audience the recent years’s surge development of the coffee industry’s work, creed and passion, and not at least to present the coffee drinks they made. We want to create an opportunity that is designed to grant a platform for the professionals who are dedicated to the quality coffee conception and everybody who interested in the Hungarian and international coffee culture to get closer to each other in a fantastic atmosphere of the exhibition. At the festival the guests can meet with the stars of the world of coffee, they can check out their tricks so they can make their coffees more exciting even at home. However at the first Budapest Coffee Festival the visitors can spend their time not only at the stands of the national and international exhibitors but they can also follow the finals of the 2017 Barista, Brewers Cup and Cup Tasters Hungarian championships so they can get to know first-hand all the competitors who will represent Hungary at the Budapest and Seoul world championship.